The Head Office in Panvel – Mumbai, India’s Financial Capital & Satara, Levicon India Systems (P) Ltd. deals in Power and centre Solutions, Office Automation Products, SolarSolutions, Etc…
Levicon Group started way back in 1997 by our Honorable Executive Director Mr Kedar Anand Nadgaundi (B. E. Electronics) and Mr. Mandar Anand Nadgaundi (B. E. Civil). The organization was established with the vision to create the Global Industry to bring High-End Technology products to serve the mankind at an affordable price. In 1997 the group took its first step by starting levicon for IT Solutions and Renewable energy products. The Hon. Director of the Group believes in the development of potential of individual members of the organization and it is supported by a carefully and systematically designed Spiritual and Professional Training Program. This has created the Unique culture in the group where individual person is the family member of the organization in which the work is pleasure & pride. 

Levicon India Systems (P) Ltd. has over 18 years of experience in Office Automation and Power Industry and End to end consultancy and implementation of Power and Solutions. We provide superior round the clock after sales service and design the solution after understanding the requirement. 

Recently We Got Estonia (E.U. Country) E-Residency To Spread Our Business Wings All Over The World. 

 We Create One Firm Under Levicon Group As Levicon Estonia OU – Smart Energy based company For Expertise Consultancy, Different Solutions like In IT, Solar, and Software Etc. This Firm Is OEM For Levicon Group.


Levicon India Systems is a world-leading supplier of solar charge controllers & inverters, with over 4 million units installed in over 100 countries. Levicon’s products have been recognized in international solar markets as the most advanced and highest quality products available. It is important to note that Levicon is an employee-owned company.

Our people are passionate and dedicated to the long-term success of photovoltaics and our earth’s sustainability. They are here to serve our customers for the long-term. Many of our customers tell us that Levicon is their best supplier. For 25 years, Levicon has been a consistent and dependable partner: same ownership, same management and same strategy. We are 100% focused on our core competence: solar power electronics.


The perfect energy solution is renewable, universally affordable, abundant, benign and contributes to the world’s ecological well-being.


To produce, led lights using solar panels in volumes that make ecological and social contributions and reduce dependence on fossil fuels.

Social Responsibility

Levicon Solar was founded to maximize the use of photovoltaics enabling significant ecological and social benefits.

We recognize that more than two billion people on this planet have little or no access to electricity, and we have seen firsthand the hardships that this can cause. In India, for example, countless families are forced to use kerosene lamps at night to work and read. These lamps are unsafe, unhealthy and provide insufficient light to read.

As a group of individuals, we are committed to doing our part to improve the lives of those less fortunate, especially where our technology can provide part of the solution. As we grow and mature as a company, we will continue to partner with other organizations to bring clean energy to those most in need.

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