KEDAR is the co-founder and CEO, and serves on the Board of Directors of Levicon India Systems pvt ltd. He has 20 years of experience in the photovoltaics (PV) industry, Latest Lithium Batteries Technology, Power Electronics.Since 1999, Kedar has led levicon in becoming a leading manufacturer of Electronics controllers and inverters, setting new standards in performance, innovative features, quality & reliability. His commitment to infusing integrity and ethics into customer service, product development and employee management has resulted in Huge Installation Of Electronics and solar controllers Across India.  Prior to co-founding Levicon, Kedar Is Executive Director Of Levicon Estonia OU – Smart Energy based company Tallin Estonia EU Based a Global Electronics, PV/hybrid systems company. Mr. Kedar holds a B.E. in Electronics from Shivaji University Maharashtra India.

Mr. Mandar Nadgaundi –Director of Engineering

Mr. Mandar Director as a civil design engineer in the new product development. product design, support services, management, and strategy. As Director of Engineering and a member of the Board of Directors, his responsibilities include oversight of new product development. Mr.Mandar holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil engineering a from Mumbai University, L.C.E.E  V.J.T.I Mumbai And with p.g.diploma in remote sensing and gis technology.

Mrs Swati Kulkarni Director of Manufacturing

She has over 20 years of experience in the Electronics industry. She has been serving as Director of Manufacturing and  Management since June 2000. She holds a Master’s Degree In Bio-Medical From Mumbai University and Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Walchand Collage Of Engineering Sangli Shivaji University Maharashtra India. She is assistant professor in Bharati Vidyapeeth New Mumbai from last 22 years.

Mr Jitendra Kantak –Director of Engineering

Mr. Jitendra brings over 15 years of technical  experience in the power electronics industry. His expertise in Global Management, Technical Marketing & Training, as well as product development has enabled him to grow and take on many new challenges at Levicon. In his current role, Jitendra is helping Levicon grow its international business and guide its product portfolio to meet the evolving needs of the remote power industry. Jitendra holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering From Shivaji University Maharashtra India.. He serves on the Board of Directors and his contributions have assisted Levicon in becoming the worlds Leader in electronics controllers. Mr. Jitendra Is Executive Director Of Levicon Estonia OU – Smart Energy based company .

Mr Shridhar Kulkarni – Director of Marketing & Supply Chain Management

Shridhar Kulkarni (1)

Mr Shridhar Kulkarni is Consulting Chartered Accountant 20+ years and ERP consultant in the filed on supply chain management. Strategic planning of manufacturing close to high cost raw material locations, tie up in the international markets and smooth planning and execution of production to ensure timely delivery of the customer requirements and solutions.

Mr. Chaitanya Nadgaundi- Director of Sales & Public Relation Officer.

Mr. Chaitanya serves as levicons sales lead. his solar industry experience and familiarity with solar modules, inverters and balance of system components for grid-tied and off-grid systems. Along with this he is active in business development, product management and marketing operations. He has a bachelor’s degree in Computer engineering From Shivaji University Maharashtra India.

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