Solar Charge Controllers

Solar pwm Controllers 


  • Cusk to down – load will automatically switch on during the night and switch off during the day.
  • Temperature compensated battery charging.
  • Manual load on/off control the system will automatically switch on the load at night and switch off during the cay,however, if you need to switch on/off load at any other time of the day you can use the micro switch provided for this purpose. The unit will still continue the on/off sequence as per usual.
  • USB port for LCD/mobile charger/data logging and control – a USB port is provided in the system which can be used for plugging LCD or charging mobile phone (fast charging 2.5A) or to collect data from the system.
  • Battery charging with boost and trickle charging.
  • Efficiency > 99.9%.


LED bar graph

  • Panel Current
  • Battery Charge/Discharge level (Battery health)
  • Load Current


  • Panel voltage display
  • Battery voltage display
  • Temperature compensated battery charging
  • Total KWH
  • High temperature cut-off
  • Short circuit / overload cut off for the load Panel over current protection (when panel current is higher than rated current of D2D)
  • Panel reverse protection
  • Battery reverse protection
  • Both Panel & battery reverse protection
  • Battery over-charging current protectio
  • Battery over-charging voltage protection
  • Battery low cut – off
  • Battery deep discharge protection

Panel disconnection from battery during night to avoid reverse battery current Flow to the panel. No diode used hence no drop. LCD will display trickle charging, battery voltage, panel voltage etc. The battery current and panel current displayed on LCD are only approximate.

  • 12V & 24V auto battery selection.
  • Maximum Battery voltage – 30V (Full charged 24V battery)
  • Maximum panel VOC < 100V

USB Port for

  • Mobile fast charging with built in 2.5Amps SMPS.
  • External LCD to view D2D parameters (Panel voltage, Battery voltage, Panel current.Battery current, Load current, Trickle/Boost charging, Charging / Discharging, Total KWH produced from panel, Fault condition like Over load, Short circuit etc.)
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