Solar Lighting 

Solar LED Lantern

– Unique Design
– 3W powerful light
– Upto 18 hours of backup time
– Using Latest Li-ion Battery technology
– 4 stage dimming
– Very light weight – 450gms
– Long life Battery – 3 years
– Unbreakable body
– Designed and Made in India.

Lithium Ion Solar Street Light System

– Theft Proof
– Light Weight
– Built-in charge controller
– Water resistant (splash proof)
– Can be mounted under the solar panel.

It comes with a very small Li-ion Battery which can be fitted under the solar panel and has a long life of 3 years. It CANNOT BE STOLEN. It is light weight (< 2Kgs) and can be charged within 3 hours of day light. The basic battery module can support up to 14 hours backup. This can be upgraded to 36 hours or more depending on the requirement.

Solar LED Home Lightning System

  • Maximum Power Point  Tracking Technology (MPPT)
  • High voltage protection
  • Maintains CC-CV
  • LED Indications
  • Isolated loads points
  • Load short circuit protection
  • Reverse polarity protection
  •  Lighting protection
  • High current protection
  • Peak efficiency 95%

Levicon offers SOLAR HOME LIGHTING SYSTEM equipped with a number of outstanding features like LED indications, acoustics a number of outstanding features like LED indications, acoustic warning and protection functions. Micro controller based Maximum power point Tracking Technology which increasing the charging efficiency. It is eco friendly power back up system. The output of this system can drive DC LED loads and mobile charging until.

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