Technical Support

At Levicon , we employ engineers in  technical support department who can help to solve technical questions for products. We provide Technical Services like Preventive Maintenance, After Sales, Customer Support, Facililty Monitoring, Facility Management.

Preventive Maintenance (SLA base)

a) FIT & LT Panels, DB’s, MCCBs, MCBs, Switchgear points etc….

b) ACB’s, Earthing Systems, Cables & Trenches etc…

c) Three Phase Transfarmers, DGs etc.

Facility Management Services (SLA base)

a) Daily Checking, Daily Monitoring, Daily Reports Logging and many more…

b) Vendor Management, Inventory Management etc.

c) DG – no load testing as per schedule and many more…

d) Up-time & Performance monitoring raising.

If you have any questions please feel free to call  or reach out to the manufacturers’ technical support departments directly.

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