What is Off-Grid Solar?

Solar and alternative, hybrid power solutions offer endless possibilities for supplying the world with clean, newable, and eco -friendly energy. At Levicon we are passionate about bringing photovoltaic solutions to power plications in regions where users do not have a grid connection or want to be independent from the main grid and other sit energy sources.

Especially in the rural regions of developing and emerging economies, there is a huge demand for off-grid pplications. With our solutions, we contribute to making people’s lives easier and more convenient by ensuring they have reliable and affordable energy. This energy can then be used for lighting and powering DC devices, anytime, anywhere —even in the most remote places far away from the grid. In industrial applications, our solutions help to ensure that reliable energy is available for all types of electronics and electrical equipment, such as supplying power to remote telecommunication towers to ensure signals for cell phones. As well our products are able to offer reliable light to solar street lamps, traffic lights and road signals to improve road security. Last but not least, the demand for autonomous power solutions is growing due to leisure activities.

Besides having over 18 years of engineering excellence, Levicon products incorporate advanced technologies, extra robust product standards, and easy to use solutions to meet the different needs of our customers. Users not only benefit from the increased flexibility and independence offered by an autonomous power supply, but also from maximized system power output, reliability, and lower costs.

Levicon is close to their customers. We operate production and sales offices all over the India. This put us in a position to offer fast service and professional product solutions, from small standard systems to complex customized solutions—right at our customers’ door.

This simplified diagram below illustrates the major components of an off-grid system and how it works:

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