Motion Sensing Dimmable Led Tubelight

Motion Sensing Dimmable Led Tubelight Glows At 18W When A Person Is Detected. With No Person Nearby, Tube Light Dims To 4W After 30 Seconds.

Motion Sensing Led Tubelight Gives 2000 Lumens At 18W And 540 Lumens At Just 4W. At 18W, Light Intensity Of Dimmable Motion Sensor Tubelight Is More Than 28W / 36W Fluorescent Tubelight. At 4W, Light Intensity Is Almost Equivalent To Commercial 9W Led Tubelight. Highly Suitable For Staircase, Parking Areas, Warehouses And Other Similar Areas.

Saving Electricity Using This Concept Was Presented By Our Company Levicon India Systems Pvt Ltd Panvel New Mumbai. This Motion Sensing Led Tubelight Has Been Designed, Developed & Made In India. Also Suitable For Home, Offices, Kitchen Areas.
This Led Tubelight Comes With In-Built Highly Sensitive & Reliable Motion Sensor With Wide Human Motion Detection Range Of More Than 15 Ft Periphery. 

To Avoid False Triggering Of The Motion Sensing Led Tube Light, The Range Has Been Restricted To 15 -18 Ft.

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