Shipping Policy

Levicon India abides that no additional and extra charges are not applied when you do pay for shipping the items at your preferred location. We at Levicon India do not apply any hidden charges  which needs to be paid by the buyers and sellers during the purchase of the products. You are required to pay only the amount mentioned along with the product that anyone can see on our website. The price enumerated on the item is the final amount that you need to pay. 

How shipping completes by Levicon India?              

Levicon India does ship the ordered consignments by the help of ground couriers and own logistic facilities whether it’s a single product or bulk quantities. However, there are some other goods dispatched with the help of speed post.

How many days to deliver the product?

It requires 3-4 Business Days to deliver the product at your location once it is dispatched from Levicon India. On the other hand, it may need 2-7 more days to deliver the product if your area does not come in a Metro City.

How to track my order?

You will receive an email provided with a link to track the status of your ordered item immediately, while you buy any product from Levicon India. The tracking status includes the exact place of the item (where it’s exactly) so that buyers can get an idea about estimated days of delivery, which he or she can receive the item.

Did you know that you can track the status of your order by getting an E-mail?

No shipping of items at Remote locations, why?

Levicon India generally provides the shipping of items to almost all the locations of India. But sometimes it may fail to ship a product at few locations because of either non-availability of courier services at those particular places, or there may be any legal restrictions of shipping a particular item. For this reason, Levicon India suggests the buyers to first check it’s status online whether the required products are eligible for shipping to your location or not.  

No COD at my area, why?

The availability of COD (Cash on Delivery) depends on the facility of the courier partner service in your area to accept cash as payment at the time of delivery. In case COD is not available at our location, Levicon India will not allow you to purchase the product through COD and leave a message saying, COD not available in your area.  Instead, Levicon India will suggest you pay using a different mode of payment methods like online transactions.


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